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Trucks are the cornerstone of the global economy. As such, there's a lot riding on a good set of tires. Tires with low rolling resistance, superior treads, and reliable warranties are what keeps the trucking industry booming and the world running. That is why here at Tire Tech, we work hard everyday to provide the American tire buyer with a heavy duty, midrange tire for an affordable cost. Our commitment to our enduser reflects the endurance and work ethic of the American. Just like the unsung heroes of the road, our tires can take a beating and hit back just as hard. Whether you're an independent owner, a fleet manager, or a service shop you want tires that give you the highest satisfaction for the best price.

In the US, Chinese made tires are notorious for being Subpar
immitations. It has been a tough perception to break for many tire sellers but is not an impossible task. Already, Chinese tires are garnering a reputation for the best value a buyer can get in markets across the US. No wonder a combination of American branding and oversea manufacturing is the dominant force at play in today's tire market. Here at Tire Tech, our approach to tires is no less. We offer tires produced overseas to minimize overhead and pass the savings onto you. Unfortunately, the stigma and tariff taxes can make shopping for Chinese-made tires difficult and unreliable.
Here, at Tire Tech international we recognize the volatility of the tire market. It can be hard to keep track of every brand's performance on a global scale. With the launch of our flagship brand, Hinotori, we hope to fight against the negative perception of Chinese-made tires.

Lastly, above all else, we strive for a better quality of service than that of large and impersonal corporations. From our family to yours, thank you for considering Tire Tech.

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